Big Bang Ads Affiliate Network Review

Before telling you some more about the affiliate network Big Bang Ads, it is important to understand what an affiliate and an affiliate network are. Affiliate marketing is where a retailer pays a small commission to people (affiliates) who recommend their products to others. To keep it brief, in affiliate marketing there are normally four parties involved:

  • The merchant: The company who creates/sells the product or service.
  • The affiliate: The person promoting the product or service.
  • Affiliate networks: Online networks where merchants list their affiliate programmes and affiliates go to find them (optional).
  • The consumer: The people affiliates recommend products/services to and hopefully end up buying them from the merchant. See image below for a schematic overview.

Affiliate networks are optional, because affiliates don’t need to use them to run a successful strategy and merchants don’t need to use them to find affiliates – although they can be really useful to both parties.

Introduction to Big Bang Ads

Bing Bang Ads is a private affiliate network founded in 2001 and named the #1 Lead Generation company in the business. They are also a partner company of eGentic which focuses on online marketing specializing in quality lead generation with a worldwide reach to premium leads.

Big Bang Ads specializes in SOI lead generation offers and free sweepstakes, with offices in Europe, Brazil and Singapore. Currently with over 200 employees worldwide which are native speakers. They also do 4 million data sets per month and they have over 1000 clients globally, over 40 million registered users in over 20 countries on 5 continents. If that’s not “doing it big” then I don’t know what you would call it. Their offer templates are all responsive to mobile and desktop devices.

Some details about Big bang Ads

  • Reputation: Big Bang Ads is a Global Private Affiliate Network that Focuses on European Lead Generation through sweepstakes with thousands of offers. Bing Bang Ads is a partner company of eGentic.
  • Best known for: Being the #1 Lead Generation Company with high payouts, weekly payments and having unique exclusive offers for publishers covering over 36 countries.
  • User Interface: They have a very user-friendly interface, as soon as you log into your dashboard it will display a 7-day quick stat report of your impressions, clicks, conversions & payout. You will also be able to breeze through the reporting tool where you can run performance and conversion reports. The sidebar also displays who your BBA Account Managers are, your billing details and much more.
  • Minimum Payout: $300.
  • Unique Affiliate Benefit: 1st tier payouts, top performing offers and global support.
  • Support: Big Bangs Ads has 24 Hour global support with dedicated Account Managers to assist you with any issues and or offers in 36 different countries that speak their native languages. Just have a look at some of the friendly Big bang Ads faces below.

Pros and Cons


  • High payouts, weekly payments and unique exclusive offers for publishers covering over 36 countries.
  • They don’t do any type of incentivized traffic, search (no brand bidding), coreg or SMS.
  • A very user-friendly interface
  • 24 Hour global support


  • Bing Bang Ads is a private network so you will need to apply and get approved. This means that their rejection rate is high.
  • They don’t just approve everyone, you need to at least be making $1000 per week or have relevant experience within the CPA affiliate niche.
  • They are very picky but that’s why they can afford to pay top dollar to their affiliates and, if you are running a decent amount of traffic you are also able to renegotiate some of your payouts for specific offers. 


I guess you can be considered to be one of the lucky ones if you get accepted by Big Bang Ads. In order to apply you will need to go over to the Big Bang Ads website and sign up under the “Affiliate” link. The next thing to do is to fill out the application with all your contact info and experience. You will also need to provide your Skype Id which they will use for a personal interview later in the process. Make sure your answers are correct and complete, otherwise your application will be rejected! Big bang ads is a private network with a good overall reputation which means you will not get in easy. However, once approved you will have access to top performing offers, global support, and high payouts.

If you want more information about Big Bang Ads, watch the video below for a complete walkthrough of the Big Bang Ads platform, In this video you will get a look inside the Big Bang Ads CPA Network. You will also find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this affiliate network.