Mobidea Press Release

Colin Dijs, founder of Dijs University announces partnership with Mobidea   

20-01-2010: Colin Dijs, founder of Dijs University is pleased to announce a partnership with Mobidea, the Affiliate Network focused on CPA advertising.  

Having only launched Dijs University on 01-01-2020, Colin Dijs is thrilled to add a new dimension to the existing portal and CPA Marketing content.

Colin Dijs, founder and CEO of Dijs University said: that he’s excited to take the next step and add Mobidea as a partner on Dijs University. Colin overcame many hurdles since he embarked on his Affiliate Marketing journey. He was lucky to find a mentor who was able to guide and help him along the way. Since then his only goal is to share his knowledge with others. This vision resulted in the creation of a portal with the widest possible selection of knowledge videos for CPA affiliate marketers. 

Dijs University is an industry first, giving CPA Affiliates access to a database with informative content and step-by-step lessons about everything that’s relevant in building a successful CPA business. Today, Colin Dijs is not only able to share his knowledge and CPA marketing insights, he is also capable to guide his students with an innovative knowledge base that facilitates conversation between content partners like Mobidea and CPA marketers. 

The direct connection between Dijs University and Mobidea allows CPA Marketing affiliates to directly access one of the top affiliate networks in the industry, and get faster and improved support. This will ultimately help affiliates to grow their businesses.  

About Dijs University

Dijs University delivers a knowledge base and with over 100 hours of video content, it’s a training platform that gives marketers access to industry secrets and strategies without any previous knowledge required. To learn more about Dijs University, please visit:

About Mobidea

Mobidea is a leading affiliate network with proven experience in mobile offers. They have been changing the wheel recently and although they are very strong on mobile content, they also have the desktop version of most of the offers. Their main verticals are: Mobile Content, Sweepstakes, Coupons, Adult, and Dating.  

They’re driven by the desire to innovate, always getting to be ahead of the curve. Their mission is to negotiate the best and exclusive CPA offers with premium advertisers, set the standards for affiliate payments (weekly), and keep on providing personalized support & account management. To learn more about Mobidea, please visit: 

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